Ebenezer Church

Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church began with a group of 37 people who had this motto: “Willing to work, willing to fail; willing to struggle when others assail; willing to try, and willing to learn, willing to start and willing to earn; willing to follow where others have led, this is the secret of getting ahead.”

The group first met in the home of Sis. Lorene King, who departed this life in 1950. The first organizational meeting was held at Liveoak Baptist Church on January 23, 1938, with the late Rev. E. H. Borden presiding. The late Rev. U. S. Patterson took the word of the Lord in 1 Samuel 7:12, “Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpah and Shen, and named it Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the LORD has helped us.” Thus Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church at 675 College was born. On May 15, 1938, the site became more than a vision but a reality and was paid for by June 1943. On December 9, 1951, another church building was dedicated, when the members present sang, “Count Your Blessings, Name Them One-by-One.” In 1954, final payment on the building was made and all the furnishings were completed. On November 18, 1960, Ebenezer, after 21 years and 11 months, had its second pastor, the Rev. Herman H. High. October 4, 1992, again a vision became a reality and ground-breaking ceremonies were held for the Activities Building, which construction began in November 1992. On July 1, 1996, Rev. Herman H. High, after faithful and successful leadership of our flock for 35 years and 7 months, retired as Pastor. We were later blessed in November of the same year to install our current Pastor, the Rev. Kavin L. Jones, Sr. On August 22, 1998, the dedication service for Christian Education Advancement Center was held. At the beginning of 1999, regular Sunday Morning Services were moved from the original church building to the Christian Education Advancement Center.

Ebenezer has been blessed to own the square block surrounding the Church. We have purchased the Wallace Property located across the street from the original building, and have since demolished the building that existed on that property. As we continue to grow, a new vision is now in progress under our Spiritual Leader, Pastor Jones. The church body agreed to expand the geographical territory in order to fulfill a broader purpose. Therefore, on April 11, 2008, we entered into a financial agreement to purchase the entire block of property on the corner of Park and Neches Street (formerly the Goodwill Property). Also in 2008, together, we made the decision to demolish the buildings we acquired that was once the Goodwill Property. We have moved forward in our plans to build a new building and will seek to have the original church building declared a Historical Landmark. With that in mind, we refer to the original building as our Historical Church. We thank God that our Church has grown not only in number, but spiritually and financially, with blessed and anointed leadership and faithful and dedicated members. There were many who have finished their race and are now with the Lord. We thank God for these brothers and sisters and we shall never forget what they have meant to our church. We can truly say as the Psalmist said, “The Lord has done great things for us, whereas we are glad.” To God be the glory for all He has done!