Mass Communication Ministries


ExpoWORD Christian Ministries, Inc.

Pastor Kavin L. Jones, Sr., & Brother Terry Taylor, Ministry Leaders

Contact Info – Pastor Kavin L. Jones, Sr.: 409-835-7592

Contact Info – Terry Taylor: 409-835-7592

ExpoWORD Christian Ministries, Inc. is a media ministry located at 675 College Street in Beaumont, Texas, that encompasses all types of media distributed for Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church and our Shepherd, Pastor Kavin L. Jones, Sr. Currently, we have available for you, CDs ($5 donation for Sunday morning services or Wednesday night Bible Study sessions) and DVDs ($10 donation for Sunday mornings only). What a low cost for a very fulfilling experience and such an absolute delivery of the Word of God! What’s more, it’s something you can listen to or view over and over again and get double and triple blessings!

The mission of ExpoWORD Christian Ministries is to present the Word of God in a clear and concise manner so that the glory of God will be revealed through His Word and to expose persons to expository preaching and teaching according to Isaiah 28:10, "For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little." Our ministry’s mission also includes tearing down the walls and reaching the masses, getting God’s Word out to His people so that they might develop a better and closer relationship with Him, or to get to know Him in a very real and personal way for the first time. Reaching lost souls is what God has commanded all His people to do, and this is one way for that commandment to be met.

The purpose of ExpoWORD Christian Ministries is to utilize written and electronic media to explain God’s Word verse-by-verse, so that the listener may receive a full understanding of scripture. In addition, we plan to develop and support Christian ministries that will contribute to community development.

Public Relations Ministry

Message in Plain View (MPV)

Sister Kim Lofton & Reverend Rickey Lane, Ministry Leaders

Contact Info: 409-835-7592

Through prayer and meditation the decision is made for a message to be displayed in plain view on the church outside sign which encourages thought and meditation on the Word of God as it relates to everyday life.